Welcome Nicole Vignola to the Personal Space team

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Stu and I are thrilled to welcome personal trainer Nicole Vignola to Personal Space. She hails from London, and as well as working with us she will be studying the fascinating subject of neuroscience at Bristol University for the next few years.

Nicole says:

Hi everyone!

My name is Nicole and I am very delighted to say that I have just started working at Personal Space as a personal trainer!

A little bit about me:

I moved to Bristol in September 2018 to study Neuroscience as a mature student. Prior to that I worked in London as a personal trainer for six years and I decided that I would like to stay in the fitness industry whilst doing my studies. I’ve always had a keen interest in mental health and have tried to bring fitness and mental health together by volunteering in various associations teaching people how exercise can improve anxiety, stress, depression and self confidence by encouraging a healthy body as well as a healthy mind. Studying in the field of neuroscience while working in the fitness industry is a perfect way to bring mental and physical health together.

I grew up in South Africa, surfing, dancing and mountain biking which propelled me to go into the fitness industry at the age of eighteen (nine years ago).

I work with clients of all abilities and I try to incorporate the things I’ve learned as a ballet dancer, alongside my level 4 qualification in lower back pain, into my personal training by catering my clients’ training around functionality, posture, balance and mobility whilst helping them reach their various specific needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to book in for a consultation by emailing personalspace@gmail.com