What are the positives? 😊

I don’t know about you but I find the daily Coronavirus report on the BBC,tough to watch some days!  

Each day the media attack the government, highlighting predominantly the shortfalls. 

Obviously it’s not perfect, but I thought I’d highlight some good news that are making a positive impact since the lockdowns; 

It appears we are past the peak of the epidemic or at least we are keeping under it, as I write. Some countries are starting to ease restrictions. 

The Himalayas are visible for first time in years,  with Delhi having a 44% reduction in air pollution since lockdown. 

Human trials of vaccinations are said to have an 80% chance of success. Harvard news suggests 99% of people with the virus now recover.

That we have learnt a huge amount about the affects of Virus’s as a whole, and we will be much better prepared for any similar problems in the future.

Clear waters in Venice with jelly fish sighted swimming. Other wildlife are being spotted globally too in other areas not previously seen.

Well over one million people have recovered from Coronavirus. 

Overall measurable cleaner air in Europe since the lockdown 

We are learning to do more online, and are realising more can be done without the need to travel. My kids for instance are organising quiz’s, competitions, theme evenings and link ups to keep connected. 

Personally the down time has allowed me to catch up on loads of garden, house and estate issues with the solicitor, that would have taken way longer without this concerted effort. 

Time to connect with immediate family. We have a meal at the table every night now. Something I was only able to do once or twice a week.

I must also say that you do feel a great sense of the country pulling together as a nation and supporting each other. I think we can be proud of the ‘British’ spirit. 

Business Lisa and I have been extremely lucky to get a grant to help offset the running costs of the gym. We are also hoping to get self employment help in June when the funding kicks in. 

Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s not all sunny side up, but I don’t think it hurts to know that there are positives. I just really hope the lessons learnt are lasting. 

My very best wishes to all clients and I look forwards to getting back in the gym and getting back some normality!

Best wishes