What I’ve learnt about my own health during Covid 19, so far.

I’m a great believer that you can always make positives from a bad situation. Everyday is always a learning day.

Covid19 is case in point.

Here’s what I’ve personally learnt so far; 

  1. That I feel better with my overall wellness by not working so many hours, over a long period of time.
  2. That by taking more time out and focussing on myself (for a change) my wellness has increased.
  3. That by having more time to engage with my family, my mental health has improved. Saying that, personally though, i have also realised that I do need to balance that with time by myself.
  4. That it’s much easier to shorten my eating window and increase fasting time by being at home. (I have two meals only a day at 11.30 and 5.30, which means my fasting is 17-18 hours). This has evoked a regular 1 kg loss each week but more importantly body composition change.
  5. That my daily dog walk of 1- 1.45 hours has helped immeasurably with stress reduction, and my damaged knee. I can walk way more before pain sets in. Like 5 times more! 
  6. That getting up at 7-7.30 am is a lot nicer on my whole body system, than the 5am from before in my normal working day. That extra time makes me feel much more  ‘normal!’ 
  7. That physical work/activity, not just exercise, has great positive effects on my overall wellness. 
  8. That improved body composition is more easily achieved when stress is lowered. I find my H.E.C. (Hunger/Energy/Cravings) are significantly more even and aligned, when overall stressors on my body system are low. That’s both physically  and mentally.
  9. That whilst social media has been a useful ‘crutch’ during this time period in keeping in touch, that when it’s not imperative to use it, I feel better NOT  being on my phone and having to check it.
  10. That good weather definitely lifts the spirits and makes life a lot easier in general! 
  11. Oh, and the fact I can still make my clients breathless and sweaty even from afar!! 

I wonder what what else my readers have observed too?  Please share! 😊 

Best wishes