What you need to do before, during and after training @ personal space…

Lisa, I and the team, are hoping to get Personal Space opened again in July, hopefully early to mid, as long as we feel it’s safe, put in all the following measures in place, and followed government guidelines. We will obviously post a definitive start date closer to the time. Meanwhile, please read and digest the following guidelines we have put together to minimise any issues.


Obviously be aware of Covid19 symptoms, and if you show any signs, please do not come in.

Look out for persistent cough, raised temperature or loss of taste or smell. 

If any of your family or those close to you, have these symptoms please also isolate.

Prior to the first clients coming, personal space will be thoroughly deep cleaned. 

Wash hands and/or use hand gel to clean hands.

It’s ideal that you come changed ready to train but if that’s difficult, get changed in the changing area only, so we know what to clean after. 

Please bring your own water bottle, sweat towel and towel to put on our mats.

Lisa and I are doing deeper cleans throughout the week, as-well as in between client appointments. 

We are making personal space 1-1 only. That is one trainer/one client ONLY, so no other clients or trainers in. You have exclusive use, which is an added bonus- there has to be some positives!!

Each trainers paths will not cross, utilising only their pre arranged time slots. 

At Personal Space

Ideally, turn up just before, and no earlier, for your booked time as, as social as we like to be, we want to maximise social distancing. 

Wash hands and/or use the hand gel provided here. 

Don’t be alarmed that your trainer might have a face screen and/or face mask on. We want to minimise any transfer possible. This is with you in mind. 

We are looking into using a curtain type door strips at the front of the shop, to allow more air flow into the gym whilst still keeping privacy. The top window will remain open. In-between sessions the screen will be opened to increase air flow. 

At present we will encourage you not to use the toilet, and not to use the shower. We are just trying to minimise touching surfaces, despite the fact we will be clearing fastidiously. 

During sessions we will keep an eye on what kit was used, so we know which pieces to clean after your session.

Please be aware that the very nature of personal training has to change for the safety of you. 

This means that we need to minimise chances of infection, where we would normally ‘spot’ , or partner stretch you for example. 

So whilst we pride ourselves in the personal bit, we don’t want you to understand it’s for your benefit at this time. 

We shall ensure our verbal and visual instruction is on point! 

After your session 

We are allowing 15 minutes gap in-between each client to allow a cleaning of everything just used, as well as other areas. 

We are using the ‘Which?’ guidelines for cleaning as, after researching they found the best products to use were a detergent and water to clean and also diluted bleach or disinfectant. The anti bacterial products weren’t as effective interestingly. 

We would suggest post workout normal procedure, as in washing all clothes worn, cleaning water bottle and towels used. To be extra vigilant wipe trainers over with the aforementioned products. 

Please be aware that your safety comes first and whilst the measures might seem extreme it’s with you in mind that we limit the possibility of exposure to Covid19. 

We are SO looking forwards to getting back to what we love- training all of you, whilst having a bit of a well needed catchup!