What’s going right?!

Well, well, well!! 

It’s been a little while since my last blog,  unusually. 

Just thought I’d write a little something, as for some unknown reason, I’m bolt awake at 1.30am! 


Just thought I’d write to you about the positive things that are happening, right now, in front of our very own eyes! 

Of course what is happening is unprecedented and very serious, but hidden underneath the negativity and frankly depressing news, are some real positive happenings.

That takes nothing away from what’s happened, but merely changes our focus.

So what have I noticed? 

Firstly, the togetherness and camaraderie. Have you noticed how the human spirit prevails?

Real, true, honest feelings of understanding and compassion. It’s very powerful stuff.

That whilst, yes, our lives have been turned upside down, and our freedom somewhat limited, we are making the best of what we’ve got.

As a fitness professional, I’m so pleased to see people putting an effort into movement and exercise. 

The ‘lockdown’ has made people aware of the benefits of exercise, and how it can make them feel. 

People are using their ingenuity in creating a fitness regime, using never before methods.

Personally I’ve started to train clients online using FaceTime mainly. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, but now I’m doing it, I don’t know why I hadn’t done it before! 

My wife, lisa, is not only creating a full online class programme but has set up chat and catchup sessions that join, and create, a new community.

Time is such a precious commodity, but a lot of us are finding ourselves with more of it than we’ve ever had before! 

I have to add here that the Dollery household have been doing jobs that have been relegated to the back burner for many years. 

We really feel like we are making progress with clearing and getting rid! 

The skip over floweth!! 

Such a cathartic process!! 

Time has been made more available because we had to shut the gym last month. 

A very hard decision, but definitely right one based on what we knew.

This was made all the harder by the fact that on the day I write this , it’s actually Personal Space’s 20th Birthday! 

(No it’s not an April fool! 😊) 

We don’t know yet when we might return back to ‘normal’, (whatever that is), but one thing we do know now, is that things have changed but not necessarily for the worse. 

I’m just hoping we can remember the lessons learnt from this surreal, unprecedented, experience, and that they linger and change the way we view life, for the long term.

I hope we can savour the time spent with our partners and children and be truly grateful for all that we do have, as opposed to what we do not.

Onwards and upwards to improving our lives, being thankful, supportive and to cheering ourselves on all together! 

Best wishes