What’s stopping you?

I had a client in this week that had felt like his workout was tougher than normal. The heat/humidity definitely made it harder, but he also does have a tendency to put up barriers towards his personal success. This is actually very common.

We all hold beliefs or stories about ourselves that affect our behavior/actions towards achieving. The trick is knowing which ones to hold onto & which ones need letting go of to venture forwards.

Barriers are anything that gets in your way of what you want to achieve. They can be conscious or unconscious, but it helps for you to understand what impedes your own progress, to be able to tackle them head on.


Some of the ‘stories’ I have heard from my clients are things like;

‘I’m not a runner’ – I’ve had clients who have said this that ended up running miles! By starting slowly and building up walking & running and pacing, it’s very possible.


I’ve always been big boned– basically you are telling yourself that you’ve always been big & that’s how it should stay. New ways & programmes & dietary manipulation can get things going!


I’ll never get really fit! It takes patience, tenacity & regularity to make this happen. Ensure you progressively adjust the FITT principles- frequency, intensity, time & type of exercise.


These barriers whether real or not affect the way you achieve. Be mindful of what you tell yourself!