Who wants to live forever?

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Feeling rather poignant today. Don’t know why. 

I think with Christmas coming up, and another year coming to a close, I’m thinking more about those that are not here.

Rather sadly, I found out recently that one of my close childhood friends had passed away in September. He was 51. No age at all. 

This together with the tragic, heart wrenching loss of a friends daughter, who was in her mid twenties, and you can see why. 

This then got me thinking about my grandparents, my parents, and Lisa’s father, who sadly are no longer with us. 

So, where am I going with this?

That life can be fragile. Something, that is all too prevalent, in this current climate. 

I’m a firm believer that life is a treasured gift and even more so, when we hear of those that have gone, way before time. 

When we hear of these awful happenings it definitely makes you think of your own longevity. 

The stark contrast of life and death for me, makes me want to live life even more. 

I know those that have passed will want that. 

That unconditional love means they want the best for you, and for you to make the best. 

They will know how much you care and love them,  but will not want you dwelling.

That’s where I find my solace. I find I have to work on improving my own life and being the best that I can be, for myself and them.

Yes we have to plan for the future, but I also believe that you don’t know what’s around the corner, so make the best of what you’ve got, when you’ve got it. 

Visit where you’ve always wanted too, tell loved ones you love them, plan to get what you’ve dreamt of, and make if happen, make a list of what makes you happy, and then do it! 

I realise that this can’t always be instantaneous, but I say do it sooner, rather than later. 

No regrets.

So I close my blog with a song, unusually. 

I absolutely love my music, for me it’s just so emotive. Who better to encapsulate making the most of life, albeit brief for him too, than the incredible Freddie Mercury. Enjoy.

Best wishes, Stu.