“Why you buzzing around?”


In the words of the Cadbury’s Caramel Bunny – “take it easy; slow down”.

I was reminded this morning of this ad’s message when I went through the checkout at Lidl.

The checkout lady was clearly very efficient and my purchases were shooting out of her hands onto the tiny area for collection at such a rate that it became a race to keep up. I was practically throwing the goods into my rucksack on the floor, and almost panicking to prevent a backlog of shopping. I was stressing that my bag was filling in an unruly fashion (yes, I have a bit of a thing for neatness, possibly) and that it would make it uncomfortable to carry home, and also that the checkout lady may get impatient. I got everything in at breakneck speed, and handed over come cash. She threw me the change, which I dropped some of, and I barely had time to jam the change into my purse as the next customer’s shopping was already flying through the till at me. Phew!

In shops that have them I go for the self-service till, so that I can carefully pack my shopping without feeling rushed. Mindful packing?!

I have to say I do feel uncomfortable with the need for speed these days in some aspects of our lives. I would like the world to slow down, take it easy, stop buzzing around.

Lisa 🙂