Willpower! 💪🏼💥

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Willpower. Some people have it in abundance, others crack at the slightest issue!

Typically at this time of year, some of the New Years resolutions can be wavering, and the initial motivation that was shiny and bright, can be getting a little tarnished.

So what’s the answer?

Is there a miracle cure to ‘fix’ it?

What enables some people to keep a sustained, motivated approach, and others to fall quickly by the wayside?

There is of course no magic formula, but there are ways of boosting and keeping willpower higher than by just leaving it to chance!

High willpower, like anything, needs work!

Here’s my top tips to keeping willpower topped up;

Winning! Find ways to feel successful and feel a winner at what you are doing.

Inspiration- know and understand the reason Β of what you are doing and what it means to you personally. I get clients to write it down to solidify it, in their head.

Learn what makes you tick. We are all different, with different needs so be honest with yourself in what you need to stay on track.

Love what you do. If you are hating every minute then willpower resources will fall quick. Whilst some challenges are tough and it’s important to face some adversity to feel accomplished, you have to have some enjoyment!

Plan ahead! Consider, ahead of time, the circumstances that make your journey harder.
Certain circumstances make it harder to achieve. Look forwards and work out how to make it easier to stick with what you’ve agreed.

Overload! Its important to ensure balance of lifestyle, as when you are overloaded the cracks can appear. Ensure you build downtime along with the up, & get rest and recovery. I know when I’m tired things can get out of perspective.

Work at it! Don’t leave it to chance! Use all the suggestions here to boost and top up daily.

Empowerment – read, speak to knowledgeable others, watch and observe. Get whatever personal skills you feel are necessary and KNOW you can do it!

Realistic – be realistic as to what’s actually attainable. Its imperative to feel you can do it. Yes it’s human to have some doubt, but the inner you must believe. Goals must be challenging but attainable.

There you go! My top tips to keep willpower on permanent boost!

Best wishes