Wk3 – developing your own pathway

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Developing your own personal pathway!


There’s no doubt about it, we can get instant information at a click of a button.
We can watch YouTube videos, read online newspapers & blogs, listen to podcasts, download any interesting tv programmes, all in seconds.

I heartily agree that knowledge is power, but it pays to consider your information source and any potential bias that might be attached. So yes read, listen, look, but be critical and try and disseminate what you think suits your own fitness and health quest.

With the clients that i work with, I try and get them to consider what metabolic effect call, being detective. That is finding what works for you through trial and error.
(And by the way it’s the best way of learning – failing merely tells you to try something else or try it slightly differently!)

You might get a million ideas about what you can try, but I would encourage you doing only a few things at once, to ascertain what you believe ‘works’.

Use your intuition to find what feels like it’s working and then track the progress and be critical.

Quite often clients will, through discussion, know what pathway is best for them. What I do is provide a few new ideas and tweaks, to increase the chance of success. Consider it holistically, as a whole lifestyle plan, as often there’s many factors involved.

Lastly, its tempting to keep looking for the holy grail, the penultimate answer to your quest. Through trial and error you might have already found many elements that work, but just not put them all together!

Best wishes