Wonderfully normal!

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As I write this, I’m currently sitting in a hotel room looking over the amazing view you see in the photograph attached.

I feel extremely grateful that Lisa and I have managed to get away for a break, it’s been one of our most needed, in my opinion.

Under Jersey rule, Lisa and I had a Covid19 test done on landing, then another on the 5th day.
It’s a very thorough system, which I believe is made more practical by the limited numbers travelling here.

I think, because of the strict testing,  it’s certainly a more relaxed feel here, as we’ve only had to wear masks for travel on the plane and on buses, and no where else.

Just this little factor has felt wonderfully normal!

I think it’s amazing what we take for granted, but just that little factor has felt like freedom in comparison to what we’ve been used to.

We visited the war tunnels here and learnt and saw how life was, under German occupation.

Of course fellow Jersey residents suddenly had to adjust to massive change under extremely worrying circumstances, often paying for their life, if they stepped out of line.

Very tough times, with threat of being sent to concentration camps if they didn’t follow protocol, extreme rationing and living hand to mouth.

Now, in a way,  you could consider our current situation a ‘war’ against Covid19, with governmental guidance, strict ruling and all working together for the greater good.

We have all had to adjust our lives to deal with it, but it pales into insignificance compared to what happened here at wartime.

It’s all relative. 

Personally, in our family, yes it’s affected both our main businesses, affected both Tom and Ellas University experiences, limited Livs foundation coursework, and meant that Josie has had to work in her own bubble at work, BUT, in no way has this impacted like the islanders here experienced during 1940-45. 

It’s an extreme example I know l, but it definitely brought it home, seeing all the black and white photos and the lives of many from times past, deep within the tunnels.

So, what’s my point here?

That by ‘reframing’ our own life by considering others situations in comparison, is it really that bad?

Best wishes