‘Working’ in the ups, downs and spirals!


The photograph attached to this blog, is one I’ve just taken at the athletic performance centre, at Loughborough University, waiting whilst Tom has his coaching.

Looking at the well used kit, the lifting chalk and the wall freeze, you can just feel that there’s been a lot of ‘work’ accomplished here.

Obviously, with my son Tom winning his England vest and being able to compete in his first international, I’m still feeling super proud, but behind that performance is a LOT of time and work. Despite Toms diminutive 2 years of javelin specific work, he’s been training, conditioning and competing in many sports,for many years , prior to that.

We see these top level athletes perform on our tv’s, but do we have full comprehension of what goes on BEHIND that performance, and that of the many that havn’t quite made it. I think not.

In a world where everything is ‘instant’, and it’s taken a while for me to comprehend this, but if it’s worth working for, then it’s going to take t-i-m-e.

We can all get caught up in social media visual deception and mistruths, in the seemingly unbelievable time frames, but the real truth is for long term change, there is NO quick fix.

With this in mind with your own goals, try not to be too hard on yourselves and understand the timing process.

The journey itself is never straight either, so embrace the ups, downs and spirals!

Best wishes