Wow! Watch this (Personal) space!

I have Just got back from an amazing two day conference from the Metabolic Effect with their fat loss summit conference! Dr Jade Teta & his team provide ‘structured flexibility’ protocols that allow individuals to adjust the type of exercise they do & what they eat, to induce great change. They have worked with thousands of people in the states through their clinics & have refined & honed the principles I’m going to share with you!
Lots of cutting edge information that I think will help explain the current thinking on all things relating to necessary activity, exercise & food manipulation.
Here are some of the areas we covered which I will share with you over the coming weeks;

• How the metabolism works
• The 5 laws of the metabolism
• Hormonal response to exercise
& diet.
• The necessary exercise required
• How to train for your metabolic
• Using the right tools to over
come some of the psychol-
logical hurdles, from the mental
side of changing habits.
• Cycling your exercise & dietary
protocols to evoke change.
• Skills to keep hunger at bay.
• Ensuring good gut health
• Even how to increase longevity!

This is starting to feel like one of those infomercials, accept here there is no Bullsh*t!!

I look forwards to sharing this information with you all & helping you to change for the better!

Best wishes