You want a six pack?!


Nearly the end of my first full week back at work, and I’m loving the enthusiasm and energy from my clients!😃

Let’s hope this can be harnessed and maintained over the coming months!

It struck me this week though, that goal-setting and focusing ahead is great, and it’s something I’ve always done and encouraged, BUT is there a danger we miss out on the NOW!

Based on my own and my client experiences, I believe that with a focus, and a plan, more is definitely achieved, but it’s important not to forget what you have already achieved, and what there is to be grateful for.

Some goals are chosen because we are not happy about something, either within ourselves or our situation.

Some goals have their root in unhappiness. It gets to the point that we choose to do something about it, because it’s more painful to carry on in that vein.

We make a conscious decision to change , to ideally make us happier.

I go through 3 questions with my clients;

Where are you now?
In other words, what is your position you are in now? What are you happy about, what are you unhappy about?

Secondly, what is it you want to achieve?

Be general, and then, as specific as possible. Weed out EXACTLY what it is you want, as surprisingly the client doesn’t always really know.
And if they don’t, I’m certainly not going to!!
It helps here if there is a weighting on each item. What is most important to you here?

And lastly, how are you going to get there?

What do YOU think you need to do to achieve all this?

Here I try and get them to analyze first, as it’s very powerful to write and process this yourself, as it internalizes your direction.
I ask them if you were looking down at themselves what advice would you give?
Here it’s really important to be realistic, and this is where I come in, as sometimes goals can be set that are almost impossible.

I’ve had clients saying “I want a six pack”. Well, having been the recipient of a six pack, (*see the attached photo!), I can tell you, unless you are a genetic freak, it takes a LOT and I mean a LOT, of focused extremely hard work and dietary manipulation over time.

So in summary, use the process outlined to clearly define your realistic goals,ie what you feel is realistic with the effort and time available to you.

Remember to feel proud for what you have already achieved, no matter how small, and lastly enjoy the process, not just the final destination!

Best wishes