Your fitness may protect you

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In these troubling and uncertain times it is helpful to remember that your fitness and physical activity levels may protect you from getting a virus such as Covid-19 through enhanced immunity. So, it could be important to maintain or even increase your exercise participation now, especially as many of us will have plenty more time than usual on our hands.

The following information is taken directly from the Journal of Sport and Health Science, May 2019.

bristol personal training

Exercising indoors, in your garden, via a quiet countryside walk, or out on your bike will pay huge dividends over the next few months as we start to go insane with boredom. Getting your children involved as well may become paramount as time goes on. Their lack of daily exercise may impact mental and physical wellbeing and also their constant presence at home will undoubtedly lead to tension. With possibly whole families stuck at home for very long periods suddenly the idea of getting out alone for a walk may be very appealing. 🙂

I wish you all a safe and healthy weekend.

Lisa 🙂