Zombies, run!


All the pics of zombies I found are quite traumatising for me so I picked this quite tame one.

Needing some inspiration while your run? Zombies, run! is an app that my client Kath told me about which plays a story while you run, aiming to get you hooked into the story and keep running. Kath says “I saw Zombies, run! in one of the running websites and thought it looked fun. You set up your details and link your music library to it, and then follow episodes in the story through your headphones while trying to outrun the zombies. You are one of a few people who has survived the zombie epidemic, and you are en route to one of humanity’s last remaining outposts.  They need your help to gather supplies, rescue survivors, and defend their home. Every now and again you’ll pick up virtual items, like bottle of water or medical equipment, and when the zombies chase after you you can throw things at them to distract them so they don’t catch you.  You can try to outrun the zombies by running faster, and if you pay to upgrade to the ‘pro’ version of the app you can change the chase settings.

There are several options for running – you can just follow the story episodes, or follow training plans, do interval training, or run in virtual races of 5k, 10k or 20k while discovering hidden stories.

In the App Store, many of the reviewers say that using the app has helped them to run further than they planned as they want to find out what happens next in the story.  I’ve only done one episode so far, but I will definitely be using it for my long runs as it breaks the monotony of those never ending miles….”

Here is a link to the app. – 


Anything which helps maintain interest in exercise is a good thing, so if this sounds like it could light the fire beneath your feet then why not give it a go. It could be especially helpful for running when it’s dark and wintry, like most days! Spooky!

It would probably scare the pants off me and I’d end up back at home after a few minutes of terror, but if you’re made of stronger stuff, you should be fine….

Lisa 🙂