Personal Training Bristol

Bristol personal training company, Personal Space, provides one to one fitness training and pilates that focuses solely on you. Our personal trainers are not elite athletes, and we don’t claim to train celebrities, but we do give you the best chance of success. We do this by offering unrivalled support, knowledge, experience and passion to guide you towards your fitness and well-being goals. Whilst you will be the one sweating, we will be with you all the way!

To compliment our personal training and pilates services, we also offer massage therapy services.

Why choose Personal Space Bristol personal trainers?

 Personal Space Bristol Personal Training Studio We are a non-membership personal training studio, based in the Redland area of Bristol, and in close proximity to Clifton Downs. No monthly commitments to subscriptions or other on-going expenses

 Personal Space Bristol Personal Training Studio We provide a spacious, friendly and non-intimidating environment. Our studio is designed exclusively for one-to-one fitness training, where you can enjoy your own Personal Space. There will never be more than two people exercising in the studio at any one time. 

 Personal Space Bristol Personal Training Studio Our personal trainers are highly qualified and experienced. With at least twenty years experience in the health and fitness industry, each of our trainers are committed to continuing their knowledge and development. This ensures that you will receive the most up to date guidance and support.

 Personal Space Bristol Personal Training Studio We take an holistic approach. All of our trainers believe in taking an holistic approach to working with a client. We look at issues other than exercise, that impact on a person’s wellbeing. This includes diet, lifestyle, daily physical activity and stress levels; all this allowing a programme of exercise to be tailored specifically to you.

How we can help :

  • Lower your body fat
  • Get stronger
  • Become more flexible
  • Home exercise routines
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Improve cardiovascular efficiency
  • pregnancy and post-baby fitness

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